K2 Photo Comparisons

These pictures are all rollovers which show the CG composite, and with the mouse over you get the original photo. The renderings were done with World Construction Set 6. The terrain is derived from 90 meter DEM's which have been overlaid with Landsat photos. These photos have an on the ground resolution of about 14 meters so foregrounds have been broken up a bit with WCS bumpmaps. The only way I could get these bumps to show through the overlay was to make a bumpy ecosystem and use the "tint foliage" option on the colour map. This is set to fade out with distance from the camera. Matching the camera positions and focal length of the lense with the rendering points is only approximate.

Roll Mouse over to see photograph.



This was taken at the foot of the Biafo Glacier where it meets the Braldu River. The two peaks align quite well. 

broadBroad Peak 8047m. with the three major ridges showing clearly. 


K2 , 8611m, and Broad Peak looking up the Godwin-Austin Glacier from Concordia.


This shows our camp site at Concordia. G4 on the right and broad peak on the left showing clearly. The small peak in the centre extends too far to the right,

 crystalThis is Crystal Peak 6252m. This has been updated by Jonathan giving a much more accurate view. The old rendering was very rounded. It was taken from Concordia.


Gasherbrum 4, 7925m, stands here. the spikey bit on the right is not resolved by the 90m spacing of the data but the peak behind the right sholder shows well. I think this is Gasherbrum 2 at 8035m.


The mighty K2. Note Angel Peak (6858m) to the left; this did not show at all on the unpatched data.


This is Masherbrum 7821m. taken from the Baltoro Glacier. The photo was taken in the late afternoon after a period of rain when the cloud cleared for a short while. It is not very clear but the general shape can be seen.


Here is Mustagh Tower 7273m. The position of the photo is a bit unclear but the angle is approximately right as can be seen by the small peak on the right hand flank.