Photo - CG Comparisons

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Kongde from Namchee Bazar.


The pictures in this section are all rollovers which show the CG composite, and with the mouse over you get the original photo. Select a region from the menu. The renderings were done with World Construction Set 6. The terrain is derived from 90 meter DEM's which have been overlaid with Landsat photos. These photos have an on the ground resolution of about 14 meters so foregrounds have been broken up a bit with WCS bumpmaps. The only way I could get these bumps to show through the overlay was to make a bumpy ecosystem and use the "tint foliage" option on the colour map. This is set to fade out with distance from the camera.

90 meter Dem's are notorious for having large holes in mountainous areas, which is a blow as these are the areas I am interested in. The holes can be patched with 900m DEM's but this results in a very inaccurate smoothing out of the terrain as you can see on the K2 stuff. (I will be updating this later) . The solution to this is to use Jonathan de Ferranti's DEM's. He has painstakingly patched the holes in all the worlds areas over 7000m and they look just like the real thing as you can see from the pictures below. The Everest region was so bad that I had not considered rendering it. Visit his site for a full account of his work and to download the data at