The Wingates

Thank God there are still 4 of us,
We've made it on life's way.
Joyce and Madge and Chib and Bill.
4 bright sparks who came to stay.

Richer is this planet Earth
Lucky that we grace it.
Lucky too our partners four
What help we've been to all of them
What happiness we've brought them!

Joyce: didn't like her as a child
Bossy, overbearing.
But later on she changed so much
Nice, she now is, and caring,

Madge, well, she kept herself aloof,
Sharing not my life.
But great friends we came to be,
And very good she's been to me.

Me, well, awful I expect
As a girl I was.
Perfect now of course I am.
Life just knocked me on the head
Made me sit up and see red.

Bill, ah Bill, he was my friend
In our childhood days,
Still is in fact, he really cares.
For a man its rare I'm sure
Brother love could not be more.
Thoughtful, helpful
I can only praise
His love for me
His winning ways.


A glider is floating overhead
Up there, in the clear blue sky.
So free, so graceful as it sped
Remote and solitary, up high,
A vision swirling by.

That glider I would like to be,
Up there all alone
With that peace and tranquillity
I do so need, for my own.

May 10th 1993


Our lot in life has not been easy
I've tried to help you on the way
But when I really came to need you
There you are, my help my stay.

Nearly fifty years it's been
Never thought we'd lost the course
But we're still here, and so it was
Really for better or for worse!


Little and Large 25-9-94

"Little and Large" Lynne called us,
My little friend, and me,
We giggled hugely about it,
As we sat in the shade of a tree.

We've come a long way together
My little Mary and me.
We've managed to laugh at most things
How many years can it be
That we've cared for what happens together.
Little Mary and fat old me.

We've had lots of fun together,
Holidays, by the sea
Mary holding her knitting
As a sign she was mad-
Not with me!
But with Bob in the car behind us,
A joke that we shared,
Mary and me.

We've argued a lot together
Often not seeing eye to eye
But we'll always be there for each other,
"Little and Large" till we die!

Damp Dawn (20-11-94)

Dawn came late this morning
Streets dark and wet with rain.
6:30, trees just looming faintly
Bidding me 'Good morning'
Against all odds again!

I've just been down to phone my boy
Twelve thousand miles away,
He's ill and I am worried
But no-one there today.


Sunny Minorca? Where did it go?
Certainly not here, where cold winds blow
And raindrops dapple the swimming pool
And boats in the harbour are covered and cool.

Joyce in her eyre looks down from on high
At the concrete jungle up in the sky
Whilst I down below, am cosy and warm,
In my lovely new room tucked away from the storm.

Sangria we like, and supped it this noon
In the wet little harbour,
Until, all too soon,
We fought our way back, in the wind and the rain
To the great big hotel where we lunched once again.

But still, it's quite fun
And a change and a rest,
With weather like England
Which we both love the best.

Oct. 1993

Lake Garda

Such beauty I have never seen.
It puts our lakes in the shade,
Deep green/blue water
Shimmering in the sun.
Mysterious, inviting, crystal clear
How really lovely to be here.

Mountains. green and high,
Range upon range
Soaring up to the sky.
Their feet in the lake
Peaks kissing the sun.
White patchy rock
Peeping through dense green,
Castles dotted here and there
Awesome looking everywhere.

I hope I'll remember every minute,
The heat, the pool
Where I cooled myself down.
Dear Joyce, playing mother
I loved every minute
With never a frown
We were happy together
As Joyce led the way
Happy was I, on this holiday.