These are some of the literary masterpieces written by Mum largely about us - her descendants 



My first born always somthing special
My prop, my stay when things went wrong.
From adulthood she's been to me
My friend so strong on loyalty.
Happy for her when she married,
She left a gap in life for me,
That never filled, that cannot be.
But she's still there, she's always caring.
Our joys, our wars, our fun and laughter sharing.
And so my Chris I sing your praises
Although perfection you are not,
Your'll be there through all life's phases.
Giving me the best you've got.


My son. It's different with a boy.
Again a special sort of joy.
Light of my life he often was,
But bane of my existance too.
As are all males, I think that's true.
I loved him very very much
But soon he caused me greatest pain
I ever had. Australia called,
He went, not to return again
For sixteen years he's now been gone.
He's been home twice and I've been there.
It's lovely and I cannot blame
He's happy and that joy I share.
But now, he almost is a stranger.


My third, again a special feeling
Bossy, busy, clever, caring
My Baby she will always be.
She's different and so dear to me.
Ambitious, restless, always tired,
Always busy, only calm
When for her baby she is caring.
I prey she never comes to harm.
I love her dearly but I'm sure
She approves of me no more.
My Lynne, so soft, so vulnerable,
A tough outside she somtimes shows
And yet I know she's always there,
And always will be as life goes.


Mark My first Grandchild

Mark always had me on a string
He often said so, as a baby
That string's still there
1 think be knows
That always I'll be caring for him

There he is a young man now
On the threshold of his life
Sensitive a bit wayward,
A lucky girl will be his wife.



Charlotte, happy, easy going
Pretty too and scatter brained.
I don't feel I know her well,
16 years and nothing gained

But I love her and enjoy
Her company, as through life
She charges, full of `0 Mum's
Full of fun, what a mixture
Not like any other one.


In the Autumn of my life
A joyous gift was given me.
With arthritis, gloom and strife
Came Annie as if meant to be
A compensation which she is
A thousand fold, as happily
We play together, young and elderly.

MY granddaughter, now 14 months
Has beauty, charm and sense of fun
Intelligence, of course is there
And how she keeps me on the run.

We play all day, although I'm glad
When sleep puts her to bed at noon
My aching body can relax
But then she wakes, and all too soon
We're off again playing like mad.
What fun we have

Loving kissing laughing, romping
to "Littlest Love" I give my all,
Wishing she could always be
14 months old enchanting me.

Australian Line

Another Family have I
In the southern hemispere.
Only once I've seen them all
But I hold them very dear.
Little do I knoW Of them
Dawn and Kerrie, Toby who
Was born out there.

When I saw them they were young
Thirteen, ten and only six,
Affectionate they were to me
Accepting with child like trust
Me, to them an unknown Granny

Two great Grandchildren have I
One a boy so very new
And how I'd love to hold him,
And a little blue eyed girl
Toddling now a great delight
She must be to all that love her.

When my plane was taking off
Tears all round were shed.
Now they're just a memory
In my heart and in my head


A lovely smile,
My baby boy
One today, and what a joy
He has been to all of us.
Pity he makes such a fuss
When his Mummy's not around!
But now with both feet on the ground
He will soon get over that.
Walking after her with pride
He will still be by her side.
Beautiful he is and so
We will love to watch him grow.
"Littlest Love" he'll always be
No more grandchildren for me.


Smoking on Lynne’s Patio
Oh how cold the wind did blow.
A Tulip flower did Annie pat
Off came a petal, and with care
Annie tried to put it back.


Mum Herself

I am the founder of that lot
A kind and loving heart I've got,
I hope they all agree.
My faults, I'm sure! are hard to find
Although I give them of my mind
But anyway, that's me.

Too late to change me, if they could
I often wonder if I could
In their young days
Have been a better Mother?
Was I indeed too strict with them?
Would they have liked another?

I only know I'm proud of them,
Hard work though they have been.
This tribute to them I do pen
And hope they will remember me
With love and smiles,
That's how I hope I'm seen.

Annie Again

Nearly four, my little friend
I'll adore her to the end
Of my life however long,
My love for her forever strong

Sweet she is, and so appealing
Self willed, but learning to obey,
The hard way.
Full of personality
No one quite like her for me.

Very best of fun we have,
She's so fresh and very bright
My little, not now "Littlest love"
I play with her with all my might.

Vivacious, soft, just like her mother.
She has a lovely baby brother!