Visits to Worlds High Mountains

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This image was made with considerable difficulty. First I had to travel to Nepal and Pakistan, then these three great ladies had to be persuaded to pose together for this snap. This was more difficult than I expected. Everest, who refused to pose at all unless she was exclusively referred to as Sagamatha, insisted on being in the middle and she was not going to move from the Khumbu. She was , after all the "mother goddess". I managed to persuade Kangchenjunga to make the short move to the Khumbu by complementing her on her splendid covering of snow. "You put Sagamatha to shame" I said. K2 was not so easy as it is a long way from the Karokaram to the Khumbu region but she finally agreed only if she could be at Sagamatha's right hand and if I used lighting that was particularly flattering of her "good flank"

Mountain Graphics.

Most of the areas covered here are illustrated with rendered animations, panoramas and pictures to give depth to the scenes. If you want to read more about the processes used go to DEM Graphics.