Everest Arun Valley trek 1998

The picture below was taken from the top of Gokyo Ri. Everest in the centre then the Nuptse ridge to the right.

everest head

These photos were taken on the World Expeditions trek "Everest Arun Valley" in March 1998. It was our first visit to the Nepal Himalaya and was a real eye opener.

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For a written account read the trek log. The pictures are video stills and rather poor resolution but they illustrate the walk. Click them for a bigger picture.

The menu to the right and the buttons above link to various other aspects of the region. Including  CG fly through and photo comparisons and panoramas to illustrate the trek.

The sliders below contains a video picture show of our photos taken on film and the video of the trek. This is rather poor quality by todays standards.

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    Below is a Google map of the route. Pan and zoom like any Google map.