CG renderings of the Nanda Devi area.

Nanda Devi Panorama Tour



Traverse TG

Around Nanda Devi.

Similar to the  Nanda devi traverse but done with Terragen 4.4

Gori Ganga

A Vue rendered flight up the Gori Ganga in India.

This animation follows the course of the trek we did of Nanda Devi East. As the name suggests it took us up the Gori Ganga valley to the east of Nanda Devi.

Nanda Devi

Nanda Devi Traverse

A CG flight going over the Longstaff Coll, round Nanda Devi and receeding down the Rishi Ganga.


Map of the trek Route.

Nanda Devi terrain overlaid with old soviet map, showing the trek route.


Nanda Devi Orbit.

New orbit of Nanda Devi replacing the old WCS one with this shiny new Vue one.